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Key Features

  • Procedurally generated worlds,
  • Advanced building options,
  • Intuitive crafting system,
  • Play solo or cooperate with friends,
  • Moderate system requirements – the game doesn’t require a high-end PC.


Only the mightiest Vikings go to Valheim after they’re slain in battle. You’re one of them! Prove you’re worthy in a survival game that became an instant phenomenon! Explore the world divided into diverse biomes such as the meadow, swamp, mountain, or ocean. In each biome, you’ll find different resources and face different creatures. Thanks to procedurally generated worlds, every game provides a unique experience.

Crush your enemies!

The Vikings are remarkably skilled fighters, so master dodging and blocking to defeat every monstrosity that comes your way, from boars to trolls to drakes. The most skillful warriors will be ready to face five ancient beasts known as the Forsaken. Slay them all to show that you are Odin’s chosen one!

Build your fortress

Exploring the land and fighting enemies are just two of the countless activities your Viking can invest their time in. For instance, you can build structures. You can use just a simple house, but Valheim lets you unleash your creativity as well. If you’re a natural-born architect, you may raise magnificent castles or any other structure you can think of. Moreover, you can experiment with different ingredients to craft powerful weapons and armors.

Viking doesn’t have to be alone

Valheim can be played solo, but you can host a server and play with your friends. Don’t worry; no stranger will interfere with your game. There’s no limit, so you can establish as many worlds as you wish. Furthermore, you can diversify your game thanks to the Valheim mods.

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