Ender Lilies: Quietus of the Knights – Steam (GLOBAL)


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Key Features

  • Classical metroidvania design with acquiring new tools and backtracking
  • The fast-paced and brutal combat system for people seeking a challenge
  • A multitude of special attacks and abilities
  • An intense, dark and gothic atmosphere of a fallen kingdom
  • Powerful enemies that will challenge the player’s skill and will to fight
  • Beautiful hand-drawn characters and backgrounds with tons of personality

Death has come to the Land’s End in a form of Blight, a devastating rain that cast the minds of inhabitants into madness while also granting them immortality, thus creating undead monstrosities. You play as Lily, a young white priestess whose sole purpose is to purify the land. But to do so you must stand face to face with horrors and nightmares beyond imagining.


Faithful knights


Our female protagonist is very young and because of that quite defenceless. However, she is not alone in her journey, as she is always accompanied by an umbral knight who serves as her protector and her only means to attack enemies. In time, as you progress through the game you will recruit new knights who will grant you their additional abilities. This is a very unique and interesting take on character progression.



ENDER LILIES: Quietus of the Knights is a metroidvania at heart. This means that during your journey with Lily you will encounter certain obstacles that will prevent you from going forward until you acquire a specific tool. They come in form of mentioned spectral knights that aid Lily in her quest. With new abilities exploration of gothic and gloomy locations becomes easier as does the fight with increasingly difficult enemies that appear in various, often deadly, combinations that will challenge your skill and will.

Terrifying bosses


One of the strongest aspects of the game is boss fights. They are challenging as each of these powerful enemies employs different tactics and move sets. Defeating them requires skill and patience but is highly rewarding. Their design is amazing and their stories are adequately tragic for the dark fantasy setting.

Gloomy and gothic visuals


Graphic design of ENDER LILIES: Quietus of the Knights is nothing short of amazing. Locations ooze a dark and gloomy atmosphere and are extremely detailed. The characters and enemies fit right in this bleak world and the design of bosses you face can send a shiver down the spine. It is hard not to immerse yourself in this world because of how it looks and feels.

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